Barbara's Long Winded Intro LOL

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Barbara's Long Winded Intro LOL

Post by barbara » Fri May 31, 2019 1:44 pm

Hi There!

I’m Barbara and I live in the Pacific Northwest – north of Seattle, with my son. I have been a listener of DL Weekly since the Spring of 2018. And am now a supporter. Yay! I found my tribe!

Here’s my Disney story:

I grew up watching Disney films in the movie theater and The Wonderful World of Disney on TV in the 70s (through it’s different incarnations in the 80s).
I love the movies etc. But my true love for Disney is centered on the Disneyland Resort. I’m a kid at heart (and hope I never lose that). Plus I’m equally a big picture and details person (I’m an analyst, I think it’s hard coded into me) So Disneyland gives me the opportunity to enter another world and leave worries behind for awhile. Plus I’m able to appreciate the little details that make the parks so special.

My first trip to the parks was in the summer of 1972 at 6 months old. (though I didn’t get much out of it then obviously) My first plane ride was to Disneyland when I was 5 years old in the summer of 1977. We went as a family again as part of a “Clark Griswold” road trip across 8 states when I was 9. My mom, dad and I also ventured to Walt Disney World in 1987 where I got my first taste of Florida humidity in August. I went to Disneyland a few time in my teen years, but didn’t really pick back up again until my early 20s. I didn’t start making an annual pilgrimage until the 90s. And got to see the transformation of the parking lot to what is now Disney California Adventure.
I am the person that friends and family ask to help me plan their Disneyland vacation. I even took my nieces and nephew when they were 10, 7 and 7 back 1997. (Because I was the “cool aunt”).

In 2009, I was hired as a contractor for Disney Internet Group (DIG) as a Revenue Analyst for their, properties located in Seattle. In 2010, I officially became a Cast Member in what was then Disney Interactive. It was amazing to be able to work for a company for which I was such a huge fan. I got to travel a lot to Burbank and then the Glendale campus (once the Grand Central campus was complete) I was there for the acquisition of Marvel and LucasFilm which was a very interesting time.

I spent a lot of my hard earned paycheck in the Walt Disney Studios cast store and then Mickey’s of Glendale. Benefits allowed me to take many trips to the parks during my tenure. (usually 2 on my own per year– and a few where I would make the drive down, while on work trips, sometimes just for dinner) And I took full advantage of the discounts. I spent my 40th birthday at Disneyland – staying at the Grand with family and friends. It was the last trip I ever took with my father present before he passed. And I got to watch him be a little kid again going on every ride he could before his Parkinson’s/Lewy Body Dementia took hold. I was so happy to be able to give him that experience.

Unfortunately, I was part of a 700+ layoff in 2014 when Disney Interactive changed its advertising model and subsequently was restructured into Disney Consumer Products. I had a trip planned and reserved for Halloween that year – and experienced a little sticker shock when I have to rebook without my benefits. But it didn’t stop me!

In 2015, I gave birth to my son, Grayson. And his first trip was at 17 months. I love that I’m raising a new generation with a love for the parks. (He really has no choice, but he loves it so far). After enjoying the parks as an adult for many years, it’s fun to notice and embrace the changes that having a young child of my own make experiencing the parks. Before child, I had a very set “1st day in the Parks” agenda that included Disneyland FIRST - corn dog, Jungle Cruise, Pirates, Indy etc. Now I’m more likely to let him set the pace. Which for now means we enter the park and immediately head to Carsland. This last trip was his first foray into the “mountains” with Big Thunder and Splash – which he LOVED.

That’s me and my Disney story. It’s evolving always.
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Barbaras Long Winded Intro LOL

Post by BarryCum » Fri Jul 05, 2019 3:45 am

Hey there

I'm in the Comox region myself; just got here as of October from Ontario, haha.
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